I’ve been super jealous of photographers that live & photograph over in BC or any other areas with dramatic landscapes, but living in downtown Toronto means I rarely get to venture to the mountains.

This is why I was beyond excited when Samantha & Adam reached out to me to photograph their engagement session at Scarborough Bluffs. The whole location seems otherworldly, plonked down in the middle of the most unassuming neighbourhood are these stunning cliffs.

Fun fact – Star Trek was also shooting there the week before and had all these super cool location set ups left on the beach over the weekend.

While it was a super busy Sunday evening (I think I counted 4 other photographers there), we managed to find the beautifully secluded spots and got some amazing, amazing photographs. Samantha & Adam didn’t even mind wading in the waters for the perfect shot.

We also got a chance to play around with SMOKE BOMBS! It was ridiculously fun to watch the air fill with colour and they look incredible in photographs. If you plan on bringing smoke bombs to your session, be sure to get a bunch of extras because they only last around 30 seconds.

I am always super excited to photograph in new locations around Toronto, so if you’re thinking about a cool place that you would love to have your engagement pictures taken in, shoot me a quick email!