I've become somewhat of an expert / tour guide of Ward's Island. It's my favourite summer spot in the city. The water taxi ride over is always such a rush, and there's plenty of beautifully hidden spots around the islands for incredible photos. That's why it's been my most requested engagement session location this year.

Becca & Gordon had never really been, and were happy to have me show them around the beautiful and secret spots of Ward's Island. Gordon travels a lot for work, and is hardly ever in town, so for him to re-discover the city from a fresh perspective was a revelation. We did quite a bit of walking, managing to avoid the flooded areas (damn you global warming) and ended the session with them practicing their first dance on the almost empty beach. We lost track of time and had to rush over to the ferry barefoot, but we made it just as the gates were closing! Seeing the sun set behind the city on your way back to civilization from this very quiet spot is a truly magical experience.

B+G, you're amazing and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next year!

couple on bridge laughing
algonquin island toronto couple walking
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