Before their engagement photography session, Kaley messaged me & asked if we can first take some photos with their cat in their loft apartment in Downtown Toronto. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been waiting for a client to ask me this very question my whole career. The answer was a resounding HECK FREAKING YES!!!

So, we started by photographing Spunky’s 12th birthday party, complete with a tuna cake made by Kaley & a party hat that did not stop Spunky from partying in style aka. eating the majority of the tuna cake in one go and immediately falling asleep.

We then drove out to Rouge Hill Park in Markham for the more traditional part of their engagement photography session. The forestland during sunset was the cutest backdrop & we did quite a bit of walking looking for cool locations.

I found this pretty cool plant that looked like a cross between a cucumber & a pear so of course I asked Kaley to borrow her ring and proposed to it. Now, if any botany fanatics are reading this and you know the name of this plant can you email me please?

Thank you Kaley & Stephen for an awesome evening & being such good sports. I’m so glad you felt comfortable enough to be your goofy selves with me but also cuddle up and be adorably cute!