Why have one wedding day when you can have two? Chloe & Logan know what's up when it comes to throwing an incredible wedding celebration that honors both of their families traditions. They were married in a BEAUTIFUL Hindu ceremony on day 1, with so many wonderful and intricate parts of the ceremony (including an outfit change!) at Scarborough Convention Centre. The next day they opted for western wedding attire and we ventured to Rouge Park to photograph their first look, bridal party photos as well as their own portraits.

We finished the celebration with an amazing reception, with so SO so many dances, including a surprise dance from the groomsmen and Logan. Chloe was so surprised and loved every second of it!

Huge thanks to Khrystyna from Pastiche Events for putting together this incredible celebration, and to Chloe & Logan for being so amazing!

scarborough convention centre hindu ceremony set up
gold framed photo of a couple
tamil hindu ceremony groom and groomsmen
hindu ceremony groom laughing
hindu bride in blue sari walking down aisle with dad
binding hands hindu ceremony blue sari
bride and groom during hindu ceremony
bride and groom outside hindu mehndi
close up flat silver wedding shoes
close up flat silver wedding shoes and wedding rings
bride getting her makeup done
bride looking into mirror of a makeup palette
wedding dress on black backdrop on a wooden hanger
close up of lace wedding dress
close up of bride getting makeup done
bride getting into her wedding dress and mom helping
mom fastening buttons on a wedding dress
close up portrait of a bride in wedding dress
bride in wedding dress standing next to a window
bride and mom kissing next to a window in a hotel
flat lay of groom details, hanger, bow tie, whiskey bottle and shoes
groom holding a bottle of whiskey and groomsman watching
fastening cufflinks
groomsman helping groom tie his bowtie
groom wearing suspenders laughing while fixing his cufflinks
groom putting on his tuxedo jacket
groom in tuxedo standing and looking out of a window
close up of a custom groom wooden hanger
groomsmen cheersing glasses of whiskey
groom waiting for bride at a park, bride walking up behind him
bride walking behind groom for first look at rouge park in toronto
bride standing behind groom at rouge park for first look
bride tapping groom on the shoulder for first look at rouge park
groom looking down at bride in awe with a forest backdrop
groom pointing at bride with a happy surprised face
groom and groomsmen in a forest path
bride with bridesmaids at rouge park
bridesmaids kissing groom at rouge park
side view of bride in park looking down at her bouquet
bridal hair style with decoration and a sheer lace wedding dress back
close up of bride and groom with mehndi
bride and groom looking at each other smiling on stairs in forest
bride and groom close together in forest stairs
bride and groom kissing in forest rouge park toronto ontario
bride and groom holding hands facing the camera in park in toronto
wedding sign with greenery
cards table set up at scarborough convention centre
wooden seating chart with greenery on it
white wedding cake with greenery and candles around it
close up of seating chart on wood held by bulldog clips
photo booth set up with purple flowers
bride and groom spotlight entering reception
head table at reception at scarborough convention centre in toronto
bhangra dancers at a wedding in toronto
bhangra dancers jump at reception
bride and groom sitting at a table laughing
best man making a speech at reception
groom crying during speech at wedding reception
bride and groom shoe game holding up shoes during wedding reception
bride laughing and clapping on a chair with greenery behind
groom dancing with groomsmen and sunglasses
bride and groom skipping and dancing at reception
wedding party time groomsman smiling holding a drink
wedding party guests dancing hands up in the air
mother of bride dancing during reception hand up in the air
wedding guests dancing with pink lights
wedding guests dancing and singing with red lights